Reverse diabetes naturally in 90 days

Reverse diabetes naturally in 90 days

How to Reverse Diabetes Naturally in 90 Days?


“But now, being diagnosed with diabetes in teens is not rare, and diabetes-related problems such as metabolic syndrome, hypertension, hypothyroidism, polycystic ovarian disease, weight gain -- and dreaded ones like kidney failure and retinopathy -- are more common than ever before,” - Dr. Nandita Shah

A 90-day challenge in reversing diabetes sounds unbelievable! However, Diabetes is an ongoing disease and has affected 64.5 million people in India ranking as 2nd diabetic country after China. The age groups below 25 or teenagers are under attack these days!

Table of contents:

  1. Does a 90-day challenge help in curing diabetes?
  2. A fundamental strategy to reverse diabetes
  3. Diabetes reversal vs Diabetes remission
  4. How to Reverse Diabetes Permanently? 
  5. Mindfulness and Motivation
  6. Change the mindset
  7. Wrap up
  8. FAQ

Does a 90-day challenge help in curing diabetes naturally?

Diabetes is said to be reversed when HbA1c levels are below 6.5% and it continues to be the same for longer than 6 months without medications. And, Yes, not everyone needs drug therapy for treating diabetes. Beginning a 90-day challenge is like a marathon to understanding diet and lifestyle that works appropriately just for you!

But it has been observed that many times people dismiss the fact that diabetes can be cured naturally. Therefore, professional or expert guidance is necessary to treat diabetes instead of believing the myths that everybody is talking about. 

In this blog, you will explore whether diabetes is curable with scientific evidence yet ayurvedic.

A fundamental strategy to reverse diabetes

Identifying the stage/type of diabetes

Diabetes with a shorter span of fewer than 5 years and HbA1c diagnosed less than 9% have a higher chance of treating naturally. Before proceeding, a minimum BMI is required to be checked and should not be over 23 kg/sq. m. The minimum age should not be above 60 years. Additionally, a zeal of dedication and motivation should not be missed!

Determining the exact reason for increased sugar levels

70% of our dietary choices are responsible for the spike in blood sugar levels. There is a whole lot of difference visible in your sugar levels when you eat two multigrain rotis instead of maida rotis. Therefore, by gaining a bit of understanding about what to eat, how to eat, and when to eat you will be able to take charge of your lifestyle. 

Starting a scientific, clinically proven diabetic reversal program

A professional approach can make your diabetes curable within a shorter time. For a well-planned diabetes reversal program, it is required to have a team of endocrinologists, Nutritionists, Psychologists, Physiotherapists, and technology experts. 


Goodveda diabetes reversal program has a team of specialists who takes care of your food choices as per your body, exercise regimen, and ayurvedic treatment to reverse diabetes.


Diabetes reversal vs Diabetes remission

‘Diabetes remission’ implies that the disease will require ongoing support including lifestyle changes or regular monitoring which will allow treatment if the blood sugar level returns. For instance, if diabetes remission is through weight loss then there should be an optimum maintenance of weight to avoid recurrence of diabetes. However ‘Diabetes reversal’ doesn’t require further support 

The goal is to achieve a reversal where the disease never returns to the door! A 90-day challenge hence is curated in such a way that you are being checked according to the body type and size, nutritional requirements, and a complete guide on exercise routine as per required. To add on, the Goodveda Diabetes reversal program is incorporated with a wide range of ayurvedic, clinically-proven tablets/drinks that help in the process of reversing diabetes considering the root causes.

Here is the journey of Anju Ji:

She started the Goodveda Diabetes Reversal program and saw the effects in just 3 months only! Her HbA1C levels changed from 6.8 to 6.1 and maintained her weight as per her BMI. 

Video: Client testimonial

How to Reverse Diabetes Permanently?

Reverse Diabetes with a Diet

A low-carb diet is suggested while in diabetes as it has reduced calories. Eating 45-60 grams of carbs in each meal, will be 200 grams per day. 

Such a diet has a low glycemic index and doesn’t raise high blood sugar levels. 

Important Tip: Try to avoid white foods like cauliflower.

Reverse Diabetes with Low-Carb Diet

Reverse Diabetes with Exercise

Studies suggest that engaging in physical activities helps to improve the risk factors associated with diabetes. It helps to aid in weight loss and high cholesterol levels - brisk walking or moderate aerobic exercises elevates your heart rate and improves insulin action which allows a sedentary lifestyle as seen in adults.

Easy exercises to keep diabetes in control

Lose weight to reverse diabetes

Shedding 10% or more of body weight within 5 years helps in diagnosing diabetes faster. Losing weight with proper meal planning, regular physical workouts, and healthy eating helps in reversing diabetes. Additionally, it is recommended to avoid sugars and limit alcohol intake. 


Diagonose diabetes with proper meal planning

Mindfulness and Motivation

According to researchers, participating in mind-body activities has a similar effect as taking metformin (Glucophage)- a type of medication that helps to cure diabetes. On average, it helps to drop on average 0.84% of A1C levels. 

There are many ways to adopt mindfulness activities that help to release stress and create relaxation responses. Some of the activities are mentioned below:

  1. A daily 10-minute or longer meditation helps in reducing stress.
  2. Attend gentle yoga sessions to calm and relax your mind.
  3. Try videos and exercises to initiate relaxation responses.
  4. Practice breathing or pranayama to reduce heart risk.

Change the mindset

The kind of relationship we carry with our disease indeed has a power on it. Many people think that they can’t do anything and become rigid about their behavior and attitude toward diabetes. 

Diabetes causes distress that leads to isolation, exhaustion, and lack of motivation while following up the diabetic management routine. But shifting to a ‘growth mindset’ for instance thinking as ‘if-then’- If a situation X will occur then I’ll perform and change the behavior Y. If you see donuts in the break room, you will not eat them.

A ‘growth mindset’ allows you to be persistent and resilient which will help you to grow, develop, progress, and improve.

Motivational tip: Allow and accept the changes, notice, channel, and stay motivated to become better. 

Wrap up

Reversing diabetes in 90 days is possible! And yes without medications too depending on the stage/level of the disease. Check out Goodveda Diabetes Reversal Program.

If you are looking towards diabetes reversal we would love to hear from you. Share your story or leave us a comment below.


What is the Goodveda Diabetes Reversal program?

The GoodVeda Diabetes Reversal Program is a personalized program designed to help individuals manage and reverse their diabetes through a combination of dietary recommendations, natural supplements, and lifestyle changes

How does the Goodveda Diabetes Reversal program work?

The program begins with an online questionnaire that will help you to understand your current condition, medical history, and lifestyle habits. Based on your answers, we will generate a customized program that includes a combination of dietary recommendations and health supplements specifically selected for you.

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